St Mary's Church


We recognise that the death of a loved one, especially  a family member, can be very difficult for those left behind. Questions like ‘Who do I call?’, ‘What now?’, ‘How much does it cost?’ and many others are very understandable.

We work closely with the family and the funeral directors / undertakers to make this process as easy as possible for you.

The funeral directors are able to provide advice on many of the practical aspects of the service, including cost. Once you have selected the funeral director, make an appointment with them as soon as possible, so that they can help you get started. You can also discuss options for the funeral service (cremation / burial, etc) with the funeral director.

If you and / or the deceased person live in the parish of St Mary’s Old Harlow, the funeral director will make contact with us to arrange the service. We will then normally meet you to discuss the service - what music, readings and prayers you would like. We will also talk with you about your loved one, so that we can make the service a fitting ‘send-off’ for them.

We recognise that the bereavement process does not stop after the funeral. We are here to be a ‘listening ear’ for you through this time. Do let us know if you would appreciate this.

We also have an annual service when we invite people whose loved ones we have taken the funeral of in the previous two years to come and share in an act of remembrance.

Funeral fees

Please contact the parish office for details of funeral fees.

After the Funeral 

Please, contact the Parish Office for the current situation. It is possible to have ashes interred in our Garden of Remembrance. It is also possible to have the names of loved ones entered in St Mary's Book of Remembrance. For further information in both instances, please contact the Parish Office.

Here are two links to very good websites that you might find helpful: