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We are putting as many events as possible on the Events section on our Facebook page. Do check it out, Share, express you're ⭐Interested or click to tell us you're coming; you'll be most welcome!

Important Information

The Bulletin

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Please, click the image above or click here to download the Bulletin.
There is also a flyer for the Ofsted Nominated Individual for Little Fishes. Click here to download the flyer.

Dates for your diary and for prayer 

The venue is St Mary's Old Harlow site unless otherwise stated. Other sites will be written in bold.
If the event is taking place at a different time from expected, that will also be written in 

In the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, many of the events detailed below are highly likely to be cancelled. As soon as I am able to, I will update or delete events.


Thursday 19th March - PCC
Sunday 22nd March - Mothering Sunday Service - 10.30 am
Tuesday 24th March - Midweek Service of Morning Worship
Tuesday 24th March - Residents' Association Open Meeting
Saturday 28th March - Churchyard Gardening - 9.30 am
Sunday 29th March - Deeper Still - 6.30-7.45 pm (Facebook event scheduled to be published on the 19th March, 5 pm)


Sunday 5th April - Palm Sunday
Monday 6th-Friday 17th Easter Holidays
Tuesday 7th April - Midweek Service of Holy Communion
Friday 10th April - Walk With The Cross
Sunday 12th April - Easter Sunday
Sunday 18th April - Men's Breakfast - Toby - 8.30 am

As many of the 'Dates for your diary and prayer' as possible, have links that you can follow. If you'd like to know more about any of the items please feel free to contact us.

The Calendar

Google Calendar

We have added a calendar to our website so now you can check out all the dates for your diary from there. Click on the image above or click here.

In other news...

Do Lent. Generously.

Do Lent. Generously.

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"We will remember them."

Poppy in a wheat field
Please visit the information on WWI, WWII and the War Graves, or via the links, where you'll find subsections to WWI, WWII and the War Graves. These are wonderful and powerful testimonies and stories of those that gave their lives.

Harlow Healing Rooms

Harlow Healing Rooms can be summed up in 6 words: You come. We pray. God heals. You are most welcome to come along. See below for the details that you need.

Harlow Healing Rooms 

Every month on the first Friday, 8pm - 9:15 pm at Gateway Freedom Church, Perry Road, Harlow.
Free of charge. Everyone welcome.