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As the Parish Office will be closed in half term, this is a two-week Bulletin.

Dates for your diary and for prayer 

The venue is St Mary's Old Harlow site unless otherwise stated. Other sites will be written in bold.


Monday 17th June - Church open for prayer - 8 am-9 am
Tuesday 18th June - House of Prayer - 12 pm-1.30 pm
Thursday 20th June - Church open for prayer - 7 pm-8 pm
Thursday 20th June - Band Practice - 7 pm-9 pm
Saturday 22nd June - Churchyard Gardening - 9.30 am
Sunday 23rd June - Messy Church - 2.30 pm-4.30 pm
Tuesday 25
th June - Midweek Service - 10.30 am
30th June - Well of Worship - 6.30 pm


Tuesday 2nd July - Questions Group - 12 pm - 1.30 pm
Wednesday 3rd July - Churchgate School Music Showcase
Sunday 7th July - Memorial Service
Tuesday 16th July - House of Prayer - 12 pm
Thursday 18th July - Last Starfishes Session before the Summer Holidays

Thursday 18th July - PCC Meeting
Monday 22nd July - Last Little Fishes Session before the Summer Holidays

Tuesday 23rd July-Monday 2nd September - School Summer Holidays
Monday 29th July-Friday 9th August - Parish Office Closed
Monday 12th-Friday 16th August - Kidz Klub Week


Tuesday 3rd September - Little Fishes first day back
Thursday 5th September - Starfishes first day back.

Many of the 'Dates for your diary and prayer' have links that you can follow. If you'd like to know more about any of the items please feel free to contact us.

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What happens with appointing a new vicar, as Dave retired at the end of November?

Firstly a big thank you to all of you who were involved in one way or another over the 2 days of interviews. Your actions, feedback, comments, observations and prayers were much appreciated.

Jane and Ian felt the 2 days went well and provided a helpful range of experiences both for us and also the 3 candidates. Feedback from the panel members and the candidates was very positive. Throughout the interviews the 5 of us on the panel were of one mind as to the recommendations for appointment of each our 3 candidates.

Unfortunately on this occasion no appointment has been made.

We do believe that this is the right decision for all parties. We continue to trust in our Lord and Master who knows best for us and as we have stated from the beginning we are IN HIS HANDS.

Ian and Jane will meet with the Trust in the next 2 weeks to discuss the right way forward. Please do continue to pray for the right person to lead us.rward. Please do continue to pray for the right person to lead us.

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"We will remember them."

Poppy in a wheat field
Please visit the information on WWI, WWII and the War Graves, or via the links, where you'll find subsections to WWI, WWII and the War Graves. These are wonderful and powerful testimonies and stories of those that gave their lives.

Harlow Healing Rooms

Harlow Healing Rooms 

Every month on the first Friday, 8pm - 9:15 pm at Gateway Freedom Church, Perry Road, Harlow.
Free of charge. Everyone welcome.