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Little Fishes pre-school re-opened on Monday the 8th June 2020. The pre-school is currently accepting 8 children per session, with a maximum of 2 groups this means 16 children are able to come back to pre-school, each group attends every other day. The sessions do look a little different with many of the tactile toys being removed and replaced with toys that can be washed. Each group has the same staff members and their own unique set of toys to reduce contact. We are following all the government guidance to ensure the safety of our staff and all the children and their families. We continue to work with all the families of the children that have not yet returned.

For all enquiries about Little Fishes Pre-school, please contact the Parish Office on 01279 432135 or email

Please, click here for our latest newsletter (uploaded 7th of January 2021).

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At Little Fishes Pre-School our aim is to provide a safe play and learning environment for all children (irrespective of gender, race or religion) within the context of a caring Christian community.  We provide sessional day care for 26 children (per session) between the ages of 2 and 5 years.  The Pre-School is open term time only, Monday to Friday 9.15 am to 12.15 pm.

Little Fishes Pre-School is registered as a provider of services with Essex County Council and qualifies for funding for 2, 3 and 4 year old children.  Please note: dependent upon your circumstances, 2 year old funding may be available.  You need to apply for 2 year old funding as this is not automatic ( Three and four year old funding is available to all.  For three year old funding, please note funding is not given until the term after the child’s third birthday.

Term Dates 

Here are the term dates.

We base our curriculum on The Early Years Foundation Stage published by the Department for Education. We were inspected by Ofsted and in our latest inspection in October 2016, we received a Good rating, with all areas rated as Good. The Pre-School is also a member of The Pre-School Learning Alliance.

You can read more about the session structure and the activities that are organised for the children in the Parent/Carer Handbook (June 2018) and our offer for children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities.

If you would like to visit the Pre-School you are welcome to contact the supervisor Mrs Wendy Brierley to arrange a time:

Telephone 07790 929274 (during Pre-School hours only).

Children from birth can be added to our waiting list. Please visit the Registration Form page where you can register your interest.