Welcome to our Christmas Page! Christmas celebrates when Jesus Christ was born, in a manger, in Bethlehem. What comfort and joy!

Christmas Services at St Mary's, Old Harlow

Christingle Making, Sunday 12th December, 3.15 pm followed by a Christingle Service at pm 4 pm. We'll light the Christingles just before the service!

Carol Service, Sunday 19th December, 6.30 pm

Christmas Eve 24th December, 11.15 pm
Midnight Communion

Christmas Day, 10 am
Family Worship

The days leading up to Christmas is known as Advent. St Mary's, Old Harlow has put together an Advent Calendar. Each day in December up to and including the 24th is a series of short Bible readings. We pray that this is a blessing to you.

All that remains is for everyone at St Mary's Church, Old Harlow to wish you a very happy Christmas and God's peace and love in the coming year!