St Mary's Church

Building a Mission Community


Updated: 21st December 2018

Admissions Policy
British Values
Confidentiality and Client Access to Records
Child Protection
Employment and Staffing
Employment Student Placements
Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation
Children's Rights and Entitlements
Looked After Children
Food & Drink
Health & Safety - Food Hygiene
Health & Safety - Health & Safety General Standards
Health & Safety - Recording & Reporting Accidents
Induction of Employees & Volunteers
Information Sharing
Maintaining Children's  Safety & Security on premises

Making a Complaint
Managing Children who are Sick, Infectious or with Allergies
Missing Child
Nappy Changing
Parental Involvement Policy
Pre School Privacy Notice
Promoting Health & Hygiene - Administering
Promoting Health & Hygiene - First Aid
Promoting Health & Hygiene - No Smoking
Promoting Positive Behaviour
Record Keeping - Children's Records
Record Keeping - Provider Records
Risk Assessment
Safeguarding Children - Children's Rights and Entitlements
Safeguarding Children - Confidentiality & Client Access to
Safeguarding Children - Looked After Children
SAWR Child Protection Use of Mobile Phones & Cameras
Settling In Policy
Supervision of Children on Outings & Visits
Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs
Transfer of Records Policy
Uncollected Child
Valuing Diversity Promoting Equality
Whistle Blowing Policy and Procedure
Working in Partnership with Other Agencies