St Mary's Church

Building a Mission Community


We are living in strange times. Unlike in the image above, our services currently can't be together in the church building but the church people can still do several things that help us to worship God:

  1. The 8.30 am service is in church. Email us if you would like to have this said service and talk emailed to you each week.
  2. We currently alternate between meeting together virtually via Zoom and meeting in church, each Sunday morning at 10.30 am. If you would like to connect with our service when it's a Zoom Service, you are most welcome. Please, use our Contact Us page and we can provide you with the Zoom details that you will need. The Zoom service is uploaded to YouTube each Sunday afternoon - you can watch this and previous services here. When the service is in church, just turn up!
  3. We also have a Soaking Evening. This is an opportunity just to virtually gather together. If you're feeling dry and tired. Or if you need to draw close to God. Here, is an opportunity to come and draw close during a weekly soaking hour in Tuesday nights with space to simply come and rest in God's presence with contemporary worship songs / ambient guitar soaking worship. Click here to register.
  4. We have also created two further pages. We have a Worship ideas - virus page and also a Children - virus page. Please, take a look at these pages for all sorts of excellent activities along with our Resources page.