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Kingdom Kidz

Click on the links below for some songs that our Kidz Klub kids may know and like to join in with at home!

While Kingdom Kidz can’t meet together on Sundays, we hope that some of the ideas on these websites give you some fun things to do to find out more about loving Jesus and knowing him as your friend.

You might want to ask your mum or dad to help too.

Mums, dads and grandparents, we are trying to send out emails with the week’s main links on but we won’t be including all of the options. (If you’re not getting them drop an email to Sarah or to the office  or use our Contact Page and you’ll be added to the list. Do check below if you want to see more of what’s around!

Daily ideas to help you do things together are on Engage Worship’s site. You could do one a day or take your pick at the weekend.

Together at Home – This has lovely ideas for the following Sunday and ideas for prayers and other activities. Info can be found here.
Also posted on their Facebook page, every Tuesday for the following Sunday.

Ministry to Children’s website has various resource ideas on it. Some weeks have a virtual Sunday School video on too! See here.

Diddy Disciples has resources, songs and Bible stories for each week for babies, toddlers and small children. Have a look here.

An American site with different activities is also worth checking out. It includes word searches, games as well as Bible stories.

Young people and grown ups(!) may enjoy using the Read Scripture app.  It goes through the Bible and has cartoon video clips about the different books of the Bible and how the Bible fits together.

Needing help explaining Coronavirus to primary school children?
Download or read a book to help.