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Samaritan’s Purse (SP/Operation Christmas Child) & The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)

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Radstock – Seedtime Mongolia



Independent Mission Partner in the Chaco, Paraguay (B)

Serving the health needs of the local communities in the area North West of Asuncion, leading and preaching at the Rio Verde Church.

Trans World Radio

2016, as the Technical Team of TWR-Europe*, we have designed and built low-cost studios, installed satellite links, provided training, consulted about high-power radio transmitters, developed Apps and innovative Internet ministry tools, and supported programme production in more than 60 languages. We have helped those communicating over the Internet or airwaves to make their programmes in the best technical quality and to reliably deliver them to listeners, every day of the year. In addition to the technical role, I have regional and some global management responsibilities too. My work is very much relationship-based and demands much God-given love and patience. Despite the reduced financial resources and the increasing complexity of working in Christian mass-media in this region, we continue to rejoice in what God is doing in the lives of so many ordinary people! 

M. continues to reach out each week to refugees entering the largest refugee centre in Austria by helping some of them learn basic German. This is such a valuable and important ministry, demonstrating Christ’s love to those who often feel so unwanted and unloved.

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in uplifting us all in prayer regularly, and for making it possible financially for us to serve the Body of Christ in this way!

With much love

*Includes Europe, N. Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, and the former Soviet Union countries. 

William and Sarah
The last 1.5 years has really been hectic from this end. COVID 19 has really changed the world. A number of our extended family members contracted COVID 19 and thank God all of them recovered. William was a victim in early 2021 and thanks for all your prayers he recovered well.
Our children are also well, and we thank God for this. Joshua is still in Switzerland and Jacob is at University in Edinburgh. Sarah is also fine and at one point was not well, but she has also recovered. The children’s project in Uganda is going well and thanks to the support from St Mary's and family friends, we are nearly completing flushing toilets for the children. Sarah is leading this project and we thank God for his provision.
William is still working in Somalia, and as usual the job is very busy. I thank God for his protection. We currently have a water shortage in many parts of the country and people displaced due to conflict and disasters is on the increase. We currently have nearly 3M people in need of humanitarian assistance. Thanks to the work of Danish Refugee Council (DRC), our response programs have reached over 1M Somalis in need of humanitarian assistance.
God bless you, all.

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Christian Hope International
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Mission Direct
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Compassion (Releasing children from poverty in Jesus' Name)

Christian Solidarity Wordwide (As Christians, we stand with everyone facing injustice because of their religion or belief.
Everyone. Free to believe.)