St Mary's Church

Our Vision

Loving God, following Jesus, sharing his love.

Our vision for St Mary’s is to bring God’s abundant blessing to the people of Old Harlow and beyond.

We want to:

  • be a visible and welcoming family to all those moving into the new developments within our parish, with a desire to see more young families join us.

  • encourage and disciple newcomers to the church in their faith.

  • develop and extend our outreach activities, becoming more mission-focussed with a spiritual impact, to grow the body of Christ.

  • be a prayerful body of Christ where our individual and corporate prayer life is central to supporting each other and the wider community.

  • be a nurturing church and develop our house groups further.

  • see a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit to increase and deepen personal relationships with Jesus, to equip us to serving each other and sharing the gospel.

  • deepen our knowledge of the Bible through good teaching, so that we have a better understanding of what we believe.

    We asked our 10.30 am congregation to think about our church in the future...
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