St Mary's Church

Building a Mission Community

Our Story

We've been around since AD1190, though not many of us can remember what life was like here in those days! In fact there is evidence of a Christian worshipping community here from even earlier times.

Our story, and that of our church building, is part of the unfolding 2000-year story of Jesus Christ, who has transformed lives in every generation since he first walked this earth.

As with any story, ours has gone through different chapters. And our beautiful church building has gone through many changes over the centuries, reflecting the changing needs of those in the community we serve.

Adapting our physical resources to reflect the changing nature of our worship, is something we continue to embrace, as we seek to make the unchanging good news of Jesus relevant to today's generation.

St Mary's Church

picture of St Mary's church building

More information about our church history, please use this link here.

More information about our church building and its story through the centuries is available upon request.