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Marriage preparation

"You covered it all!"

"Resolving the disputes and conflicts was never our strong point!"

"It opened my eyes to marriage!"

Just three of the many quotes we've received from couples over the years.

St Mary's Church offers Marriage Preparation sessions for those getting married at St Mary's, as well as for those who would like marriage preparation but their church doesn't offer marriage preparation. If you would like marriage preparation sessions or to get married at St Mary's please contact us.

Marriage Preparation Sessions 

Marriage Preparation Sessions are provided for couples who are to be married at St Mary’s and for couples for whom their own church doesn't offer marriage preparation sessions. As a church, we want to help prepare couples with the skills that they can use throughout their marriages: in times of joy as well as in times of difficulty. Preparation for marriage is so important – it provides the opportunity for couples to explore issues which they may not have thought about or discussed previously. In the sessions we aim to provide couples with thought-provoking material, which they can use to build into their relationship and offer suggestions about how they might deal with certain issues, which they could encounter during their married lives together.

The programme includes the following themes:

  1. Communication
  2. Commitment
  3. Resolving Conflict 
  4. Keeping Love Alive + 5. Shared Goals and Values

But it also involves conversations around: What does it mean to be married?; Understanding ourselves and each other; Parents and children; and Exploring the practical meaning of love.

Generally, up to two to four couples attend the preparation sessions over four evenings, which are spread out across the months of February to March.
The dates in 2020 are:

You can download a PowerPoint showing you many of the comments that couples have shared anonymously who have attended Marriage Preparation over the years.

Marriage Couple - smaller