St Mary's, Old Harlow

Building a Mission Community


The current fees for use of the church and the grounds will be updated this evening (5th November). 



In response to several requests we are planning to add additional grave plots to our churchyard site. You may have seen the details on our Public Notice by the front door. We propose to add an initial 37 plots in the area immediately outside the church office. Our plan for new potential plots avoids disturbing the few graves and headstones that currently exist. All of these are now over 100 years old. Each new plot will have a moderately sized headstone with no kerbs or slabs. They will be sunk into the ground and families of those bereaved will be encouraged to consider the headstone to be made of honed natural stone. Suggestions as to the artistic nature of the stones will also be encouraged and suitable websites helping in this design will be recommended. Those wishing to be buried in this area must either be residents of the parish or be listed on our church  electoral roll. More details can be requested from our church office and any comments regarding the proposal need to be made to the Diocesan Registry at Minerva House. 5 Montague Close. London SE1 9BB