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Important Information

The Bulletin

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The Calendar

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We have added a calendar to our website so now you can check out all the dates for your diary from there. Click on the image above or click here.

Dates for your diary and for prayer

11th Jan - Starfishes return
13th Jan - Night Shelter
15th Jan - In God's Hands Prayer - 7:30-8:30pm
20th Jan - Pastoral Resource Training
20th Jan - Men's breakfast at Toby Carvery - 8.30am
20th Jan - Night Shelter
21st Jan - Come Closer - 5pm
23rd Jan - Midweek Service of Morning Worship
25th Jan - PCC Meeting
27th Jan - Night Shelter
28th Jan - Heart 4 Harlow (H4H) Service - 5:30pm (tea) for 6:30pm (service)
30th Jan - Marriage Prep. Course starts - 1
3rd Feb - Churchyard Clear up - 9.30 am
3rd Feb - Pastoral Resource Training
3rd Feb - Night Shelter
6th Feb - Marriage Prep. - 2
10th Feb - Night Shelter
12th-16th Feb - Half Term
13th Feb - Marriage Prep. - 3
14th Feb - Ash Wednesday
17th Feb - Pastoral Resource Training
18th Feb - Come Closer - 5pm
6th Mar - Marriage Prep. - 4
13th Mar - Marriage Prep. - 5

In other news...

£406 was raised for the Children's Society at our Christingle in December - thank you so much to everyone who made a donation towards the Children Society.

Thank you to so many people who helped in lots of different ways over the Christmas period. We have had lots of school services, Carol Service, Christingle, Christmas Day etc. etc. None of these are possible without a lot of volunteers (we could always use more!!). The Church has looked beautiful and so many people have commented on the warm welcome they have received. Dave and the MLT

"We will remember them."

Poppy in a wheat field
Please visit the information on WWI, WWII and the War Graves, or via the links, where you'll find subsections to WWI, WWII and the War Graves. These are wonderful and powerful testimonies and stories of those that gave their lives.

Operation Christmas Child

Click here or below to learn more about Operation Christmas Child at St Mary's.

Operation Christmas Child at St Mary's

Harlow Healing Rooms

Harlow Healing Rooms 

Every month on the first Friday, 8pm - 9:15 pm at Gateway Freedom Church, Perry Road, Harlow.
Free of charge. Everyone welcome.