Lent and Easter

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What is Lent?

You can read about the meaning of Lent.

Christians often abstain (fast) from certain food and drink during Lent. As the meaning of Lent article indicated: "... it can still involve giving up foods or activities that are in some way luxuries. This discipline makes prayer seem to have a sharper focus". - https://christianity.org.uk

Sometimes, however, people choose to fast in a different way. Rather than fasting from certain food and drink, they fast (abstain) from something quite different...

Do you want to fast this Lent

What is Easter?

This site will play an excellent video that explains Easter.

Easter Services and Events (services in bold are at a different venue)

14th Apr - Palm Sunday Service - 10.30 am
14th Apr - Palm Sunday Messy Church - 2.30 pm
16th Apr - Midweek Communion - 10.30 am
18th Apr - Maundy Thursday - St Mary Magdalene, Potter Street - 7.30 pm
19th Apr - Walk with the Cross - St Paul's Church, Harlow - 9.30 am
19th Apr - Good Friday Service (Time of Devotion) - 2 pm
21st Apr - Sunrise Service - Water Gardens, Harlow - 6.30 am
21st Apr - Easter Sunday Services (8 am; 10.30 am)
21st Apr - The Real Easter Egg Hunt - 10.30 am
21st Apr - Come Closer - 5 pm

You are most welcome to attend any of the Easter Services. We look forward to seeing you there!

Easter - celebrate with us

He is Risen!